Honda Sabre Bagger Kit

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Honda Sabre Bagger Kit


Fits: 2010-2013 Honda Sabre VT1300CS bagger kit you can use your stock seat. Saddlebag rail kit will come with all the hardware to mount the saddlebags to your Sabre. 



Apply for 100 days same as cash for up to $3000 through Snap Financing, once we receive the approval from Snap we will contact you to discuss the parts you are looking to purchase.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY 


Kit Includes:

* VT1300 8" down 16" back replacement fender

* 8" down 16" back hard saddlebags

* Regular lids 

* Saddlebag rail kit 

* Installation Instructions located on our website


Not included & what you will need to purchase separately:

* Any Harley or Harley aftermarket 2014 saddlebag latch hardware kit on Amazon or Ebay

* Any saddlebag lid gaskets

* Any bagger kit tail lights 

* if using rear passenger *rear peg extensions & new pegs/floorboards will be needed


Shipping USA $180


**contact us as we can customize you Honda Sabre at our shop in Pompano Beach, FL**


*Made from durable fiberglass material easy to work with. Aftermarket Fiberglass Part(s). Each part(s) come unfinished in black primer. pre fitment, prep work, sanding, filler is required prior to painting to remove any blemishes/scratches/ imperfections/Defects each part(s) may come with. Each part(s) varies in fiberglass thickness. Being that these parts are aftermarket modifications will be required for proper fitment. we recommend our products to be installed by a professional*REMEMBER THESE ARE AFTERMARKET PARTS & WILL NEED ALL OR SOME OF THE ABOVE*ITS NOT A BOLT ON KIT*