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 Are Honda VTX 1300/1800 Bagger Kits for all Years/Models?

* Yes our Bagger Kits are for all Honda VTX 1300/1800 Years & Models.


Are the Honda VTX 1300/1800 Bagger Kits Harley Kits?

* Our VTX replacement fender is a copy of stock VTX fender. The saddlebags are copies off of Harley saddlebags. If you purchase a Harley kit you will need major modifications to the fender as VTX fender are much wider & bigger than Harley.


Do I need to change my stock exhaust to install the Honda VTX 1300/1800 Bagger Kits?

* Yes stock exhaust are too wide & will touch fiberglass saddlebags & burn them. Exhaust has to be at or below the swingarm, not stagger outwards towards saddlebags & not be too wide like stock exhaust.


What exhaust can I use with the Honda VTX 1300/1800 Bagger Kits?

* Cobras, Vance & Hines, Freedom Perfomance, Morton Custom Cycles or SLK Customs.


 Will I need cutout for the exhaust side for the bagger kit?

* No you will not need cutout for exhaust, unless you have custom long exhaust, as exhaust will not reach all the way back pass fender/saddlebags. BUT WE CAN DO RIGHT SIDE CUT OUT OR DUAL CUT OUTS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. THERE IS A NOTE SECTION AT CHECK OUT THAT YOU CAN PUT THE CUT OUT YOU WOULD LIKE OR CONTACT US.


Do I have to do any major modifications to the Bagger Kits to fit on my Honda VTX 1300/1800?

No major modifications are needed to install our Bagger Kits. Check out our installation instruction videos located on our website. *Made from durable fiberglass material easy to work with. Aftermarket Fiberglass Part(s). Each part(s) come unfinished in black primer. pre fitment, prep work, sanding, filler is required prior to painting to remove any blemishes/scratches/ imperfections/Defects each part(s) may come with. Each part(s) varies in fiberglass thickness. Being that these parts are aftermarket modifications will be required for proper fitment. we recommend our products to be installed by a professional*REMEMBER THESE ARE AFTERMARKET PARTS & WILL NEED ALL OR SOME OF THE ABOVE*ITS NOT A BOLT ON KIT*


Do I need air ride to run a Bagger Kit on Honda VTX 1300/1800?

* No none of our Bagger Kits need air ride. Air ride kits are for comfort & to be able to adjust height as needed.


Are there installation instructions on how to install the Honda VTX 1300/1800 Bagger Kits?

* Yes we provide installation instruction videos located on our website.


Are the saddlebag latch hardware, saddlebag gaskets & tail lights included in the Honda VTX 1300/1800 Bagger Kit purchase?

* No those parts need to be purchased separately on Amazon or Ebay. You will need to search for any Harley 2013 saddlebag latch hardware, AFTERMARKET OR OEM WHICH ARE MORE EXPENSIVE (2014+ will not work with our saddlebags) & any Harley saddlebag lid gaskets. Any bagger tail lights you like as they can range from $40-$400.


Can I use the cloth tethers that come with the saddlebag latch kit on my lids?

* There is no placement for the cloth tethers on our aftermarket lids, but you can fabricate a placement for them.


Is the saddlebag rail kit included in the Honda VTX 1300/1800 Bagger Kits?

* No it is not, but it can be added to any bagger kit purchase, each listing has a click here for saddlebag rail kit.


Can I install the Honda VTX 1300/1800 Bagger Kit myself?

* We always recommend all parts to be installed by a shop, but we do provide installation instruction videos to help with installation.


Will the Honda VTX 1300/1800 Bagger Kits work on Honda Fury, Honda Sabre or Honda Statelines?

* We have not mocked any of our kits to these motorcycles and do not know how much modifications would be needed to install our bagger kits or if they even would work at all. WE DO HAVE A HONDA SABRE VT1300 BAGGER KIT AVAILABLE.


Do the sidecovers replace the stock sidecovers?

* Our sidecovers do not replace stock sidecovers they go right up in front of stock sidecovers. Installation instructions are located on this website.


Will I need peg extensions to use sidecovers?

* If you will have a passenger and you add our sidecovers you will need to notch out the sidecovers & add peg extensions & new pegs. Copy & paste link below or you can google to find best pricing & shipping for you.


What are the fiberglass parts made of & what finish do they come in?

* All our fiberglass parts are made of high quality fiberglass material and polyester resin hand laid and rolled to detail for more durability. Finished in black 2K Urethane Primer, parts will need to be prepped before paint.


Can I have my fiberglass parts painted before shipping?

* We do not paint the parts, they will need to be mocked on your VTX to drill holes etc...before paint.


Do I remove my stock kick stand to use the manual center stand?

* No do not remove your stock kick stand in case you need to use it in a grassy or uneven area. Kick stand does not interfere with our manual center stand.


What is the difference between the air ride kits?

* We use the same shocks & compressors for all our air ride kits. The fast up air ride kits, air up faster by using a tank, manifold, pressure switch & other parts to make the motorcycle air up faster. Copy & paste video link below to view the difference between them


Can Backyard Air Suspension do the installation of my parts?

* Yes we have a shop in Pompano Beach, FL where we can install all your Honda VTX 1300/1800 parts. Our shop rate is $95 an hour. Contact us to discuss your build, we are a full service one stop shop.


Can Backyard Air Suspension get me wheel set up for my Honda VTX 1300/1800?

* Yes we can get you wheel pricing. These wheels are custom made when order is placed and ship out in 8-10 weeks from date of purchase. The wheels come in chrome, black or contrast cut for same price & pricing includes wheel, tire, matching single side rotor for (1300) or dual matching rotors for (1800), mount, balance & shipping. Contact us to discuss your wheel set up.


How fast will my Honda VTX 1300/1800 parts ship out?

* Our parts ship out in 14-20 business days (Mon-Fri) not counting weekends or holidays. There may be delays due to backorders, but we will contact you to advise if there are delays. We are a small business & work very hard to get everything out in a timely manner.


Where is Backyard Air Suspension located?

* We are located in Pompano Beach, FL.


How long has Backyard Air Suspension been in business?

* We've been in business since 2014. We started out of our home and grew into our online store and after a few years opened up our motorcycle customization & repair shop in 2018. Contact us Mike or Yami with any questions. We appreciate your business!


Where can I see reviews and photos about Backyard Air Suspension?

* We have a google page where you can look at our customer's reviews and photos of builds at our shop, as well as customers photos of their builds. Copy & paste link



What parts does Backyard Air Suspension sell for my Honda VTX 1300/1800?

* We have bagger kits, saddlebag rail kits, air ride suspension kits, manual center stands, speedo covers, radiator covers, front fenders, cholo rear fenders, batwing fairings, tour paks, nacelles, daymakers with mounting rings, floorboard adapter kits, Road Glide fairing adapter bracket & wheels.


Does Backyard Air Suspension offer financing?

* Yes we do work with Snap Financing, we offer 100 days same as cash financing from $300-$3000, no money down, can be used to purchase parts online and/or labor at our shop. Apply with this link. We will contact you once approved to discuss everything with you.

We also offer Shop Pay financing available at check out.

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