Harley Rear Air Ride Kit


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Harley Rear Air Ride Kit


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* Complete kit comes pre-wired plug & play with waterproof Deutsch plugs

(unlike other companies where you would have to make your own wiring, solder or crimp your connections)

* Air shocks are reinforced with stainless steel tig welding at eyelids, we         replace the bushings with Polyurethane Bushings, we cut & remove the Monroe stock inlet air fittings & we tap the shocks with 1/8" NPT threads for the removable 1/4" airline push to connect fittings

* 100C Viair compressor with push to connect fitting & plug & play waterproof plug

* 1/4" electric solenoid with push to connect fittings & plug & play waterproof plug

* Waterproof plug & play relay harness & momentary switch

* Stainless steel bolts, washers, push to connect T-Fitting & 10' DOT 1/4" Airline 

* Installation Diagram click here 


Shocks can be inflated or deflated as needed from 20 psi to 200 psi

Fully adjustable system

Shocks maintain ride height up to 1100 lbs. of additional weight **not including the motorcycle.

Dimensions: Compressed  -  9.5"

                         Extended height - 14"

                         Travel  distance - 4.5" 




Fits any Harley make or model with external dual shocks.

WILL NOT work for Heritage, Softail, or Fatboy.