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Limitless Lithium Battery


* Limitless Nano-HDv2 30AH Battery only $769

* Limitless Nano-HDv2 30AH Battery & Charger $844





The Nano-HD is the strongest and safest battery available for Motorcycle and power sports applications.  The Nano-HD is a 30AH Lifepo4 battery with a integrated smart battery management system (BMS).  

The battery is made with “Left Positive” so it’s an easy drop in install that can be done by the most novice user with ease! It's a drop in under seat with no modifications for all Harley Touring models. 

The main functions of the BMS is to keep the battery safe!  The BMS in the Nano-HD is designed to internally disconnect the battery if the preset parameters are ever met listed below. 

**check out our other listing for the Custom Machined Wire adapters  available for easy install and hook up when many aftermarket wires are used in the install* 


Over Voltage / Charge: 

The Nano-HD will internally disconnect if the voltage ever gets above 15.3. This is way above all motorcycle and Power sports normal voltage range so if this voltage is reached, more then likely there is a charge system problem and the battery will be safe no matter what the issue is. 


Over Discharge / Low Voltage: 

The Nano-HD will internally disconnect if the voltage ever falls below 10v. This is way below all motorcycle and Power sports normal voltage range so if this voltage is reach it would indicate a problem like a parasitic draw.  The battery Will disconnect itself to keep from being completely drained to Zero volts. The BMS will remain in the off or unhooked position until voltage from a different source is applied to the battery. At that point the BMS will turn back on to allow the bike or power sports vehicle to be started.  

The Nano-HD can also be used with any other Limitless Lifepo4 Battery you may already own, They will all work together 

Resting voltage: 13.3 

Max Charge voltage: 14.8 

Weight: 9.6 pounds 

Left Positive Right Negative 


Return policy:

• We will exchange or credit current line defective items 365 days from the date of last purchase.
• All returns need to be sent pre-paid freight to us and a new unit will be shipped back to you with pre-paid
freight. Returns sent C.O.D. will be refused.
• All items are exchanged piece-for-piece, so please return complete with original packing (gift box), all
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