Yamaha Road Star 21" Indian Style Front Fender

Backyard Air Suspension & Innovations, LLC.


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Yamaha Road Star 21" Indian Style Front Fender 

To apply for 100 days same as cash up to $3000 through Snap Financing, once we receive the approval from Snap we will contact you to discuss the parts you are looking to purchase. 




**Made of durable fiberglass. All These Parts come unfinished in black primer. Pre-fitment, prep work, sanding, filler etc... is required prior to painting to remove any blemishes/scratches/chips/cracks/damages/ imperfections/Defects. These items may come with varies in fiberglass thickness. Being that these parts are aftermarket modifications may be required for proper fitment. Installation Instructions are NOT Included, we recommend our products to be installed by a professional**